Press type Ice Cube Maker
Press type Ice Cube Maker
Press type Ice Cube Maker
Press type Ice Cube Maker
Press type Ice Cube Maker
Press type Ice Cube Maker

Press type Ice Cube Maker


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As a  gift for your loved ones, this limited stock Press type Ice Cube Maker will be perfect!

One Second Release All Ice Cubes!


✅Release all ice cubes in one second. Freeze your ice cubes in just 1 second at a time by releasing 24 ice cubes with the platen and pouring them into the ice bin for easy use.

✅Easy to use: the ice cube tray is designed with a flexible, non-stick design, making it easy and convenient for you to quickly release ice cubes from this mold.

✅Food Grade Safety Material. Made of BPA-free premium plastic, our ice cube trays are safe and durable for reuse.

✅Stackable and space-saving design. The trays can be easily stacked in the ice box and the lid prevents the ice from absorbing odors from the freezer. Note: The lid cannot be sealed.

The ice cubes are perfect for whiskey, cocktails, smoothie, juices, or other mixed drinks. You can also fill fruits, jelly, baby food, coffee, vegetable puree, yogurt and chocolate into molds. Rinsed with running water for easy cleaning.

Item Name:

Ice Cube Maker
Material: ABS,PET,PP
Features: Eco-friendly, Food Grade, Non-stick

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